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Salsa Level 2


8:30-9:30 pm


salsa dance_-12.jpg

Salsa Level 2 is all about spicing things up!

We are now entering the world of moving turns, stops, and open breaks! Leads you will be learning how to dance on and off the line - with and around your partner. Follows your partner styling gets more complex and includes bigger movements! Don’t worry if the terms don’t make sense yet, the main point here is that we are adding more dimension and momentum to the dance.


You will learn how to:

  • Change places with your partner while doing a turn.

  • Use Open Break / Back Break footwork

  • Clearly lead Copa and Basket moves

  • Break away in the dance and begin to incorporate shines

  • Swivel walk with your partner 

  • Identify your energy field and set your dance theme

  • Create a combined energetic dance intention

  • Reconnect with a partner after breaking away

  • Build a dance conversation ( or short story…there are some longer songs! haha)

Salsa Level 2 Classes are progressive within the month, meaning each week will add and build onto the previous lesson. Drop- ins are welcome at any point in the class, just know the further we are into the month, the more complex the moves and practice patterns will be.

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