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Intermediate Level 


8:30-9:30 pm


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Intermediate Level Social Salsa  is all about spicing things up!

Now that you are proficient with the foundational moves of salsa, we will be learning more intricate techniques and patterns to support you on your journey to salsa mastery.  We will be working with moves like:

Copas, baskets, normal and opposite side cross body leads, tailbone and hammerlock turns, active / progressive stops, head loops, and arm tosses.

The layout of this class is 45 minutes of guided instruction with 15 minutes of instructor observed dancing at the end of class to help you build proficiency through dedicated dance time. It's not quite executing moves

"in the wild"  but it's as close as we can get you in a safe studio environment. 

This class is for you if you can do the footwork for:

 your basic  steps

cross body lead

left break turns

right break turns

upside down, backwards, in your sleep, with your eyes closed... you get the idea. The  foundational steps are now in your muscle memory and you are ready for the next level of salsa dancing fun! 

Salsa Level 2 Classes are progressive within the month, meaning each week we will add and build onto the previous lesson. This means the classes will be cohort based and preregistration is required. There are no drop in spaces for this class. 

This class is $125 for the month.  

April, July, & September have 5 Mondays there will be five classes. 

The other months have 4 Mondays, and we will schedule a 1 hr Practica (practice) session for everyone in class to come, socialize, and practice dancing. 

First round begins April 1st! 

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