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Salsa Level 1


7:00-7:55 pm


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Salsa Level 1 is all about building strong foundations in your basic footwork, energetic and body awareness, posture, connection, and familiarity with musical instruments. The techniques you learn in these first three months will be the base for any and all future moves, you decide to learn and build into your dancing repertoire.

You will learn how to:

  • Transition between open and closed position change places with your partner (Cross Body Lead)

  • Turn left, Turn right 

  • Communicate when and which direction to turn

  • Hand placements for turn preparations (preps)

  • Ground into the dance

  • Define your personal center vs. Dance Center

  • Play with embodying the energy of lead and follow

  • Ask and start a dance

Salsa Level 1 Classes are progressive within the month, meaning each week will add and build onto the previous lesson. Drop- ins are welcome at any point in the class! 


When you you sign up, you will be taken to the Denver School of Social Dance Page. Here you can select:

Unlimited:  which means you have access to all other classes offered at the school, $150

1 month program:  which is  just for salsa (1 class, 1 hr per week for the month), $80

Drop in: one time fee for one class, $25

10 Class Punch Card: $195

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