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Sarah is a heart-centered educator, empowerment coach, and passionate Salsa Instructor.

She believes in providing you with the tools and skills to set you up for success on and off the dance floor. That means creating a vibrant, welcoming, and down-to-earth learning environment where questions are encouraged and laughter is plentiful.


Precision is key, however, with any movement-based activity or sport. Feedback you  receive  on techniques in class will be highly detailed ensuring you build solid and lasting fundational mastery.

Dance has always been a passion for Sarah, but it wasn't until living abroad in the Dominican Republic, she discovered what it meant to dance in community. Connecting with neighbors and friends of all ages celebrating expression, relaxatation, and Life. 

Upon moving to Denver in 2016 Sarah discovered Salsa and dove into 4 years of training to become an instructor. 

In 2021  Social Salsa Dance was founded, to reuinite and dance with community.  She drew on her background as an athlete, coach, educator, and energy healer to structure a new kind of curriculum  that not only focuses on dance techique, but also the social etiquette and energetics of dance. 

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Dance is Expression. 

Dance is Community. 

Dance is Celebration.

Dance is Connection. 

Dance is Movement. 

Dance is Music. 

Dance is Healing.

  • Do I need a Partner?
    No! Our classes are open to everyone and we practice rotating partners. This allows you to build relationships with fellow dancers and also maximizes your dance skill acquisition. Exposure to a variety of dancer styles, improves your understanding of building a smooth dance experience.
  • What SHOES should I wear?
    Shoes that secure at the ankle. (no flip flops or slip ons) Shoes with soles that are smooth. Dress shoes, suede bottom dance shoes, etc. It's best to avoid tennis shoes and soles that are anti-slip.
  • What do I need to bring to the lesson?
    Yourself! A water bottle , a towel/bandana - it's nice for those who experience clammy hands or sweat easily. Your phone to record end-of-class patterns for self-study
  • What do I wear to class?
    Whatever you feel comfortable in! We have some students in business casual after work, some come for date night, and others are in workout clothes.
  • What if I have 2 left feet?
    Then you have come to the right place. We have TONS of tools to help you build confidence in and master dancing coordination. There is no expectation you will be "Dancing With the Stars" level day 1. We all have to walk before we run. We're here to support you.

Meet the Team

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