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social salsa dance

Level 1 and Level 2

Classes on Mondays and Thursdays 

"Dance can elevate you to places you only imagined"

When you are able to ground into yourself, express through motion, and share a few minutes of full presence with another person, you become transported. 

You remember magic truly does exist.

Social salsa dance

Still my favorite part of our wedding.

Thanks to Sarah Albertson for helping to choreograph part our first dance

- Andrea & Tivan Amour

Dance is a living art form that liberates you through self-expression and presence. The beauty of coming together to dance in the community is that each person has shown up to co-create an experience with whoever they chose to dance with.


  • Some people need to let loose after a stressful week. 

  • Some are there to celebrate

  • some are there to explore sensuality

  • some to improve their technique

  • some just to have fun


 Dance is a container in which we can support one another through those individual processes together. 


Each person has a unique gift that adds to the experience of the collective. We are a space that wants to honor your strengths and encourage you to break out of your shell. The studio is a space where you can come as you are and relax into having fun while improving your dance skills.

Our private mentor program is customized to your needs

Detailed Instruction

Customized to Your Goals

Tailored to Your Learning Style

If you are looking to fast track your learning or finesse your moves to really hone the feel and intention behind your dance, this is for you

If being new at something and meeting a new group of people simultaneously feels overwhelming. Then this could be a starting place. We'll get some of the basics down 1:1 before you come to class to help balance out the stimulation. This way you can rest in knowing you'll be starting group with your best foot forward!

Our Class Offerings



Our Clients Say

""You helped my husband and I with our wedding dance- It went great!! We were super happy (especially Nate). He was like "They think I'm a great dancer!!" Thank you so much for all your work getting us to that point. You were wonderful and we really appreciate it. It was definitely a highlight of the wedding for our friends and family.""

K and N

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